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Food Tribe

Jun 14, 2019

James has done a lot in the world of food in his 33 years – he’s been a food writer, a cook, published four cookbooks, started a supper club, and together with his best friend and business partner Sam Herlihy, opened two restaurants. And they’re about to open their new venture in London - a sandwich bar called Sons + Daughters. Watch this space...

Sam and James have their own podcast called The Kitchen is on Fire (aka TickyOff) which I came across around 3 years ago when I moved to London. I’m a huge fan. If you haven’t yet, add it to your list!

I’ve listened to James ask all the questions, and I’ve been wanting to turn the tables and sit down with him to hear his story. In this episode we talk about his career in food, his restaurants, mistakes made, lessons learned, some highlights from his recent trip to Thailand, and to finish off (I totally stole the idea from his podcast) I quiz James with a special quick-fire round…

I hope you enjoy this conversation with the lovely Mr. James Ramsden. 

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