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Food Tribe

Jun 21, 2019

Ever wondered where those glossy pink rhubarb stalks came from? How they arrived on your plate? Who grew them? Or why one peach can taste so much better than another?

Today’s guest you may never have heard of. He’s not a chef, doesn’t own a restaurant, and hasn’t written a cookbook, but the company he’s built touches so much of what and how we eat as diners in London.

Franco Fubini left his corporate job and started Natoora 15 years ago, with a mission to revolutionise the food system (I also didn’t really know what that meant but you’ll know all about it after listening to this episode).

Natoora supplies over 1000 of London’s best restaurants with fresh produce, and you can now buy their produce directly through Ocado or at one of their stores around London. They’ve recently expanded, and now have locations in Paris and the US.

I headed over to the Natoora offices in Bermondsey under the railway arches (you may hear a few trains in the background) where I met Franco to hear the Natoora story and to find out the answers to some big questions…

What’s right and wrong with our food system? What does it mean to eat in a radically seasonal way? How should we think about flavour and the value we place on it? What’s the role we as consumers play in our food system?

Franco's approach to seasonality, flavour and sustainability will change the way you think about the food on your plate. 

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