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Food Tribe

Nov 8, 2019

For many of us (especially those of us living in a city where everything is so readily available), there’s a big disconnect to our food and it’s easy to forget what a precious resource it is. We can walk into a store and buy pretty much anything, without giving much thought to where it’s come from, how far it’s travelled, whether it’s in season, and the impact its production has had on our environment. 

That’s where today’s guests come in… This powerhouse duo, Abi Glencross, an ex-synthetic meat scientist turned farmer, and Sadhbh Moore, a forager and eco-chef, now studying her masters in Global Health and Nutrition, joined forces and founded The Sustainable Food Story, a roving supper club with a mission to start conversations around these issues and connect people to where our food comes from.

Abi and Sadhbhb are so much fun and I had a blast chatting to them. We cover everything from the girls’ backgrounds and how they came to start TSFS, to some of the topical issues around food and sustainability.  

We live in a time where we can’t ignore that our food system has a very real impact on the world. I hope this conversation gives you some food for thought and helps to make us all a little more aware of some of the issues we face in our food system.