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Food Tribe

Oct 30, 2020

Abby is the co-creator of the Farmerama podcast which heroes farmers and producers behind regenerative farming and highlights stories that bring us closer to the source of our food. They’ve recently released their new 6-part series titled Who Feeds Us?

Abby has a fascinating story – she studied Physics at Oxford, then went on to do an art and design course, and later began working at her family’s farm in Chile where she discovered her love of farming and soil. And she now uses all her skills across technology, design, physics and farming. She’s devoted to creating a better food system and raising awareness about the importance of healthy soil and regenerative farming, and the fact that this is something that affects us all.  

We chat about the brilliant new season of Farmerama, Abby’s background, her love of farming and soil and why it’s essentially the context to all our lives, and we also get onto some pretty niche topics like feminine land ethic, and One Health…

I hope you enjoy this wide-ranging conversation with the wonderful Abby Rose.

Farmerama podcast

Abby’s family farm – Vidacycle

Leah Penniman