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Food Tribe

Jul 2, 2021

Lulu has been cooking professionally since she was 18, first in the private catering world, and then moving into London restaurants, most recently as sous chef at the beloved Rochelle Canteen. Lulu began to grow more interested in produce, where it came from, and how it was grown, so last year she left the kitchen to go and work on farms and learn more about regenerative growing.   

This led to a whole lot of new doors being opened and Lulu co-founded SSAW Collective with two of her good friends. They grow the most beautiful flowers and do pop-ups and food events that champion local, seasonal ingredients.

We chat about her experiences in the kitchen and on the farm, and how she’s combined her knowledge of both to craft a whole new career for herself. We also talk about Lulu’s book she’s working on with Henrietta and Bridget from the Land Gardeners which is going to be called Soil to Table - and there'll be chapters on soil, regenerative farming techniques, spotlights on different UK producers, and Lulu’s recipes of course. 

Lulu is so lovely, she’s a fantastic cook, she’s someone who cares about where things come from and the connection between food, farming, and our environment. Definitely one to watch on the UK food and farming scene...

If you’re around this summer SSAW Collective is doing events and pop-ups where Lulu will be cooking – you can find out more about those here.

I hope you enjoy the chat with Lulu.