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Food Tribe

Jul 20, 2021

Thanks for tuning in to the last episode of this season - we’re ending on a high! My guest today is the lovely, and incredibly talented co-founder and chef of the much-loved Japanese restaurant Koya.

Shuko Oda and her business partners John and Junya opened Koya in Soho back in 2010, specialising in Udon - the chewy moreish flour-based noodles which they handmake fresh every day and pair with an array of beautiful broths and toppings. Shuko is also renowned for her blackboard specials where she and the chefs at Koya really get creative and use the best of British ingredients to come up with dishes that wow! 

Koya opened a second restaurant in the city a few years ago, and what they’re doing is a recipe for success. Simple dishes, high-quality ingredients, thoughtful cooking, and exceptional flavours.

As we know, restaurants in London come and go, but Koya is still as loved, as popular, and as good today as it was 11 years ago. 

I’m so glad I got to sit down with Shuko and chat with her about how Koya came to be, the dishes that so many of us Londoners have come to love and crave, and what led her from Japan to London, and into the kitchen. 

Happy listening!