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Food Tribe

Dec 16, 2019

The last episode of season 3! A big thank you to all you listeners - I really appreciate your support and I hope you’ve enjoyed the episodes this past season. 

So, to end, it’s not going to be an interview with someone in the food world but rather a lovely chat over lunch in Rome with one of my best friends. 

If you listened to the travel episode I did on Cape Town earlier this year, you’ll recognise my friend Frances who's joining me again on the pod. She lives in South Africa, and her company FVH Mohair creates handwoven mohair rugs and knitwear made by women in remote areas of the country. She’s been over in Italy on a 6-week textile residency, gaining fashion and fabric knowledge from the Italian masters. 

She’s one of my best and oldest friends from home so of course, I had to head over and visit her in the land of plenty. We met up in Rome last month for a long weekend with a couple of other friends where we wined and dined and talked and walked our way around this magical city.  

Over many a glass of wine and bowls of pasta, we spoke a lot about what France has learned from living with locals in Italy, the parallels between food and fashion, and what we could all take away from the Italian way of life. So, on our last day, we had lunch at Trattoria Da Enzo in Trastevere where we sat at a little table outside and decided to put it all down in a podcast…

This is an episode I absolutely loved doing, how could I not?! Glass of prosecco in hand, in Rome, with my best friend - and I couldn’t think of a better way to end the season. 

For those of you taking a break over this time, I hope you have a happy holiday and I’ll be back with season 4 sometime in the new year - I’ll keep you posted on Instagram @the_foodtribe

Okay onto the episode - I really hope you enjoy this one! 

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