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Food Tribe

Aug 21, 2020

Chef Douglas McMaster is the man behind the world’s first zero-waste restaurant, Silo.

He believes a better future is possible, one in which we can mend our broken system and eradicate food waste. His restaurant, Silo is a living, breathing, working example of Doug’s vision; a sustainable food system for the future with zero waste as it’s point of difference - one in which we eat whole foods, upcycle ‘waste’ into something delicious and desirable, where there exists an eco-system of chefs, farmers, producers, makers who are growing and creating and going about their craft in ethical ways that respect nature - that’ll make you rethink what luxurious food and dining should be.

This conversation with Doug goes into a lot more than just the food or the restaurant - I wanted to get and share some insight into this rather brilliant, creative, innovative man’s mind. I hope you enjoy this wide-ranging conversation with Mr. Douglas McMaster...