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Food Tribe

Aug 28, 2020

Today’s guest is the gorgeous, stylish, and lovely Ravinder Bhogal.

Cooking always played a big part in her life, but it wasn’t until a twist of fate 13 years which led to her winning a national TV competition that she found herself suddenly entering the world of food - and she’s since gone on to have this incredible career as a chef, food writer and journalist, and restaurateur. Ravinder opened her restaurant Jikoni in Marylebone 4 years ago, and she’s now just published her second book; Jikoni - proudly inauthentic recipes from an immigrant kitchen.

Ravinder’s unique mix of experiences, cuisines, cultures, and flavours that she grew up with has informed her approach to food which you won’t find anywhere else. Food without borders, that’ll leave you talking about the dishes long after the meal… 

I headed over to Jikoni a couple of weeks ago to meet Ravinder - we chat about her wild career ride so far, the ups and downs of owning a restaurant, her background and how that inspires her food, and of course her new book.