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Food Tribe

Dec 19, 2020

My guest today is farmer and butcher Ian Warren, who owns the family-run Philip Warren Butchers in Cornwall. They produce and sell some of the highest quality meat in the UK, supplying top restaurants in the country, and also selling directly to consumers. This year, during lockdown, they launched ‘On the Pass’, making their specialist cuts of meat, that would normally have been used by the likes of Brat and The Ledbury, available for people to order online and cook at home.

Ian and I talk about the work he does and what is means to rear and sell quality meat, and he shares some background on livestock farming in the UK, and how we as consumers can make better, more informed decisions when buying and eating meat.

I know meat can be a very contentious subject - my view is I believe meat is a specialist product, that it’s not a staple we should be eating every day, and if we do have the means, it would make a huge difference if more of us made the effort to seek out better quality meat farmed in a way that respects nature, where we pay a bit more, eat a bit less of it, and support the farmers producing it in the right way. Like anything in our food system, these small changes can have a big impact.

So I hope this conversation gives you some food for thought, and provides some more info on the very nuanced world of meat and how we can do our part to help make it better...

You can find out more and order online here -