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Food Tribe

May 21, 2021


And joining me on the show today is none other than the uber-talented, ray-of-sunshine, superstar Mexican chef Santiago Lastra.

Since he left Mexico at the age of 18, Santiago has been traveling the world, the ultimate nomad chef, and in 2017 he had the opportunity to work with Rene Redzepi and the Noma team when they asked him to project manage the entire Noma Mexico pop-up in Tulum. 

It was a huge success and this experience of sharing Mexican food with people from all over the world led to a dream for Santiago - a dream of putting down roots and creating a restaurant, a home, a community, a place where people could come to experience the tastes, and hospitality, and soul of Mexico. 

And finally, after 3 years of dreaming, and imagining, and cooking and refining, and the rollercoaster of the pandemic, Santiago’s restaurant Kol is now open-open in the heart of London. And it’s something very special! 

I met up with Santiago a few weeks ago to chat about the journey so far, and how Kol came to be. We talk about his food, his background and why he loves to cook, and what opening this restaurant means to him. 

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Santiago….