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Food Tribe

Dec 6, 2019

Today’s guest is Julian Denis, a young guy from California who moved to London and started the vegan Chinese restaurant Mao Chow in Hackney.

I love this place - it’s a tiny hole in the wall with around 14 seats, 10 of which are at one communal table all in the same space as the minute open kitchen. You’ve got neon lights, metal music playing, a couple of beers in the fridge, and some of the tastiest Chinese food in the city - and it’s super affordable. Julian opened Mao Chow under the radar around 8 months ago and the response has been remarkable!

Mao Chow has also just won London’s Priceless Cities Best New Bistro award, a joint win along with Tayēr + Elementary. You can find out more about this new international food award in Episode 31 with Christine Doublet.

I headed over to Mao Chow to meet Julian and hear his story and how this gem of a place came to be. He’s created something truly unique with Mao Chow and I think Julian’s story demonstrates that you don’t need to have gone to culinary school or have investors and a load of capital to make your ideas happen…

I hope you enjoy this chat with Mr. Julian Denis. 

*Julian’s favourite spots to eat Chinese food in London –

X’ian Impression

Sichuan Folk


Lanzhou Lamian Noodle Bar