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Food Tribe

Jun 26, 2020

Creating a chocolate company was the furthest thing from Raphael Dapaah's mind - he went into a career in politics, and despite cocoa being a huge part of his heritage, it wasn’t until reading a shocking fact on the industry in 2016 that led him to taking a trip back to Ghana to begin building his own ethical,...

Jun 19, 2020

Would you believe it - today’s guest is an actual scientist! As in Ph.D. from Oxford in Materials Science scientist who happens to also be a world expert in fermentation and uses his scientific powers to help chefs and bars make food more delicious, in thoughtful, sustainable ways.

I first heard about Dr....

Jun 12, 2020

Farmer Abi Glencross is now head of Grains at Duchess Farms and is also one half of the Sustainable Food Story with her best friend Sadhbh Moore (you can listen to episode 30 to hear their story).

Abi has had a rather wild career ride - she went from studying engineering to becoming a scientist growing meat in a lab,...