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Food Tribe

Nov 13, 2020

E5 Bakehouse in Hackney is a place very close to my heart, so I am super excited to share this episode with you.

They may be a beloved neighbourhood spot but their impact goes way beyond Hackney – e5 is a seminal London bakery, whose foundations are built on sustainability, on using the best produce that’s grown in harmony with nature, and who see the community, relationships, and quality as absolutely key to building a successful food business.

The owner and founder is Mr Ben Mackinnon - a fascinating guy who started e5 around his 30th birthday, after a career change where he decided he wanted to try his hand at baking. That was 10 years ago and lucky for us he turned out to not be too shabby at it…

I met Ben at e5 a few weeks ago to chat about the e5 story and how it all came to be, the process behind making their sensational sourdough, and what it takes to run a sustainable café and bakery.