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Food Tribe

Dec 1, 2020

My guest today is none other than the brilliant chef and baking queen Pam Yung.

Pam moved to London from New York last summer to take up the head chef position at James Lowe’s wine bar and bakery, Flor in Borough Market. When the restaurant had to close during the first lockdown, Pam and her team started making some of the best damn pizzas Londoners have ever laid their chops on. They called it ASAP pizza and it’s become a hit. People cannot get enough, and for good reason - these are New York style sourdough pizzas made using exceptional produce and heritage British wheats, and some seriously creative, delicious topping combos.

I respect Pam’s whole approach to food and cooking - she’s extremely curious, meticulous about the produce she uses and how it’s grown, and takes pride in her relationships with farmers, growers and her diners. She cares so much about the craft of cooking and baking, and about doing it with integrity and an open mind.

I met Pam a few weeks ago to talk about her story and background, and how she found her way into the kitchen. Pam has a lot of stories under her belt so this is a wide-ranging conversation - we cover everything from pizza, to travel, to differences between NYC and London,  and Pam’s experience of being a child of immigrant parents and finding the courage to follow her heart and do what she loves.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with the wonderful Pam Yung.  

*Flor is re-opening this week, and ASAP Sundays will continue every Sunday from Flor – you can book your spot here.